Workers’ Compensation Hearings: Part 1 – Before the Hearing

Previously we addressed your testimony at a worker’s comp hearing. However, it is also good to know what to expect in general when you go to a hearing. In later posts we will provide some specific information tailored for a workers’ comp hearing at the Akron, Cleveland, Youngstown or other Industrial Commission office.

In Part 1 of this series we will go through getting to the Industrial Commission and the hearing office itself for the workers’ comp hearing.

Getting to the Industrial Commission

Obviously the most important part about attending a hearing in your workers’ compensation claim is actually making it to the hearing. The hearings move quickly and if you are even a few minutes late you may have missed the entire hearing. So know where you are going and make sure to be early. If you are running late, make sure to call your workers’ compensation attorney (or their office) as they can often call to hold the hearing for you.

Depending on which Industrial Commission office you are going to, there may or may not be free parking. Make sure to be prepared for whatever the parking situation will be and factor this into your travel time.

Most Industrial Commission offices are part of a larger government office building. Therefore, when you enter the building you will have to sign in with security, show them a photo ID, and tell them you are there for a workers’ compensation hearing. They will then direct you to the Industrial Commission office.

The Industrial Commission Office

Once you get to the Industrial Commission office itself, you will again have to check in with security. This time there will be a metal detector and a computer to type your name into.

After you get through security, you will be directed to sign in at the window. An Ohio Industrial Commission representative will take your name and confirm that you actually have a hearing scheduled that day. Then he/she will tell you to take a seat.

The Industrial Commission office is basically a large room with numbered hearing rooms coming off of the large waiting area. There are chairs to sit and wait, and cubicles for the workers’ comp lawyers.

Finding Your Attorney and Pre-Hearing Prep

While you wait for your workers’ compensation hearing your workers’ comp attorney will find you by calling out your name. Sometimes the lawyer may be in other hearing, so do not worry if he/she does not come find you right away. However, if it is almost time for your hearing and you still have not found your attorney, you should ask security for assistance or call your workers’ compensation lawyer’s office.

Your workers’ comp attorney will likely meet with you for a few minutes and go over your testimony.

Now that you are at the hearing office and have found your attorney, you can relax for a few minutes before the hearing. Next time in Part 2 we will discuss the hearing itself.


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