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The attorneys at The Friedman Law Firm have over 50 years combined experience handling personal injury and workers’ compensation claims throughout Ohio. You need someone on your side to give you the care you deserve. Contact us today about your injury claim.


Meet someone today – at your convenience

We represent injured workers throughout Ohio, and we know that when you are injured it is hard to travel to meet an attorney.  So even if you are unable to come to our office we will be able to come to you.


Free consultation – no risk

Call us now and get a free consultation to determine if you have a workers’ comp or motor vehicle injury claim. We will discuss your concerns, your injuries, and what benefits you may be entitled to.

Besides the consultation being free, if you retain our injury attorneys you will not owe any legal fee unless we obtain an award for you. Our firm works on contingency – meaning our fee only comes out of awards we obtain for you.


Know your attorney and get personal representation at hearings

You will have an attorney who is with you every step of the way. When you go to workers’ compensation or court hearings, your attorney will personally be there with you. You will not have to wonder who is representing you at the hearing and you will not be treated like just a number.


Relax and worry about recuperation – we will handle the rest

You have a lot to worry about when you are injured. The Friedman Law Firm will deal with the insurance company and handle all the paperwork for you – including obtaining medical records and obtaining/completing the Ohio BWC forms and appeals in workers’ compensation claims.

We will apply for all the awards you are entitled to – including some awards you may not know about – and we will fight to get you the largest award possible for your injury claim.

Best of all, you will have someone to turn to for answers.