The Ohio BWC Claim Portal – Access to Your Claim

The Ohio BWC has an online portal that allows access to your workers’ compensation claim. I always recommend that my clients get access to their claim. Here’s why and how to get set up.

Why Get Access?

Accessing your claim online will allow you to see everything that is happening in the claim. You will still get physical correspondence in the mail, but there is still a lot to see that you would not receive in the mail. Viewing the entire claim can provide some peace of mind in that you can see what is going on. You can know that your attorney is doing what he/she tells you is being done and be able to track the claim’s progress.

A few highlights of what you can see on the BWC claim portal include:

  • Descriptions of telephone calls between the MCO, CSS, medical providers, employer, and your attorney.
  • Medical records filed in the claim.
  • Forms submitted to the claim (such as Medco14s and C84s requesting your temporary total).
  • Advance notice of exams and hearings.
  • Orders and other determinations made in the claim.
  • Tracking of payments made for medical treatment.
  • Tracking of payments made to the injured worker, complete with date sent and amount.

The portal also allows injured workers to file C84s online, saving you from having to find a fax machine or take the form to your doctor or attorney’s office to send.

When the Portal May Not be Beneficial

Unfortunately, not all claims have all of the above information available in them. If a claim is with a self-insured employer then you will only be able to see the records and forms that have specifically been sent to the claim. Most doctors do not send their information directly into the BWC for self-insured claims but instead send it directly to the self-insured employer’s representative.

The BWC’s claim portal also may not be beneficial if the claim itself is not set up with the BWC yet. In order to access a claim you need a claim number. If one has not yet been provided then the portal will not be available to you.

How to Get Access

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s portal can be accessed at You will need to set up an account to access your claim.

The Ohio BWC has made a video detailing how to create an account and log in to your claim.


Having access to your claim is important because you can track and be aware of what is going on with the claim. However, it is also important to have an attorney who knows the workers’ compensation laws and can help you through the process. Contact The Friedman Law Firm for help with your work injury claim.

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