“Drugged Driving” – A New Concern

As our population grows older more people are being diagnosed with chronic medical conditions. Whether these conditions are life-threatening or mundane, one thing is for sure – prescription medications are likely to be part of the treatment plan. These prescriptions can help our older population stay mobile for longer. But prescription medications and travel often do not mix. In fact, 78% of drivers age 55 and older take medications that could potentially impact their ability to drive safely.

Its being called “drugged driving” and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration lists driving while on prescriptions as a growing safety concern.

Know a Senior Driver? How to Help

You likely know someone at risk of driving while impaired by prescription medication. There are steps you can take to help ensure their safety on the road—especially if they take prescription medications:

  • Go over the medications—and make sure you read the product warning labels.
  • Make sure they know which medications may cause drowsiness, loss of concentration, or other side effects that could impair driving.
  • Consider adjusting either the medication schedule or the daily driving schedule if medications must be taken at a certain time.
  • As with all medication, make sure to know about any potential interactions with other medications.

No matter what your age, there are risks involved with taking prescription medication and driving. We at The Friedman Law Firm want to remind you – never drive impaired. Be safe out there.

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