Consider Getting Snow Tires

Surprisingly, many drivers decide not to use winter tires. It is costly to purchase a separate set of tires that are only used for part of the year…not to mention the cost involved in having them changed. Then you also have to figure out where to store the tires when not in use.

In the Cleveland area though, snow tires can be helpful and worth the added effort and expense. Whether you are in Ashtabula, Lake County, or the eastside or westside of Cleveland, you are no stranger to the constantly changing winter weather conditions of the area.

When the snow and ice hits, it doesn’t matter how carefully you drive if your tires are not properly suited to handle the road. So here are some reasons to consider getting winter tires.

The Tread

The tread on snow tires is designed differently than summer and all-season tires. Snow tires have a number of small slits across the tire which increase its ability to “grip”. I don’t have snow tires, but I do have offroad tires on my Jeep, and I have noticed that the gripping ability is much better than my old all-season tires in the snow.

Stopping Power

According to studies, stopping distance can decrease by nearly 37% when you use snow tires. In the event of an accident, the speed, stopping distance, and impact all play a part in injury severity. So reducing the stopping distance might not only prevent a potential accident, but could be the difference between life and death after a collision.

Not Just for Snow

Snow tires aren’t just for snow anymore…they perform better than summer and all-season tires in all winter weather. Including icy or wet roads.

Black Ice

If you grew up in the Cleveland weather, you’re already constantly aware of the dangers of black ice. However, when you begin to slide on black ice, you have a better chance of regaining traction if you have snow tires.

Extending Tire Life

At the beginning I mentioned cost is considered a reason not to get snow tires. But if you think about it – you are actually prolonging the life of your tires by not using them year-round.


Snow tires may be an added expense and hassle, but weigh the costs and effort against the benefits of avoiding an accident and severe injury. Whether you decide to get snow tires or not, remember that no set of tires can completely prevent an accident. So stay safe out there and watch out for other drivers. And if you are injured in an accident caused by winter weather please call The Friedman Law Firm.

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