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PI Retainer

The undersigned client hereby retains and employs THE FRIEDMAN LAW FIRM (“the firm”) and attorneys associated with the firm, to act on behalf of the client in recovering damages from all persons responsible for the client’s personal injuries set forth in the Intake Sheet completed separately.

The firm agrees to negotiate for a settlement of the claim to institute and prosecute legal action thereon, and to do and perform all other acts which in the judgment of the firm are necessary and proper to protect and enforce the rights of the client. No settlement shall be made without the client’s consent.

As compensation for the firm’s services, the client agrees to pay the firm a sum equal to thirty-three and one-third percent (33-1/3%) of whatever amount may be recovered on the claim by way of settlement. The client shall be responsible, in advance, for the out-of-pocket costs of investigation (including computer research costs) and preparation of the claim, and should it be necessary to file suit on the claim, the litigation costs. If the firm is required to attend any court hearing, proceeding, or meeting pertaining to this claim which requires travel from the office, a travel expense may be included in these costs.

As security for the firm’s fees, the client hereby assigns to the firm the client’s interest in the claim to the extent of the firm’s fees.

It is mutually agreed that if nothing is recovered on the claim, the firm shall receive no compensation.

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Signed by Kristin Cool Cool
Signed On: September 11, 2017

The Friedman Law Firm
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