Workers’ Compensation Hearings: Part 2 – The Hearing

In this two-part series we discuss the basics of attending a hearing for your workers’ compensation claim. Last time we discussed what to expect with getting to the Industrial Commission and the hearing office. This time we go through what to expect of the hearing itself. Waiting for the Hearing The Industrial Commission conducts several hearings an hour in each hearing room.  Your hearing may start sometime within the hour that it was scheduled.  The hearing officer will call your … Continued

Workers’ Compensation Hearings: Part 1 – Before the Hearing

Previously we addressed your testimony at a worker’s comp hearing. However, it is also good to know what to expect in general when you go to a hearing. In later posts we will provide some specific information tailored for a workers’ comp hearing at the Akron, Cleveland, Youngstown or other Industrial Commission office. In Part 1 of this series we will go through getting to the Industrial Commission and the hearing office itself for the workers’ comp hearing. Getting to … Continued

Testifying at a Hearing…When Less is More – Part 1: Who Can Ask You to Testify

At each and every workers’ compensation hearing that you attend there is the chance that you will have to provide some form of testimony. This testimony could come in the form of describing how your injury occurred or more simply answering questions asked by your employer’s attorney. Whether the hearing is at the Industrial Commission in Akron, Cleveland, Youngstown, or any other Ohio location, the same rules apply. Who Can Ask You to Testify Within a hearing room only three … Continued

Wage Loss Benefits in Workers’ Compensation

Last time I discussed temporary total disability – which is payment for temporarily being unable to work. This is just one way to be compensated through the Ohio workers’ compensation system when you cannot work. Another type of compensation is wage loss. Two Types of Wage Loss: In Ohio you can receive either working wage loss or non-working wage loss. Non-working wage loss I compare to unemployment. You must continually complete and submit a form that details all of your … Continued

Types Of Workers’ Compensation Benefits – Temporary Total Disability

When someone is hurt at work, most people realize that they have the right to bring a workers’ compensation claim. However, not everyone knows exactly what the benefits are available to them in workers’ compensation. Through the next few posts I will be discussing the different types of workers’ compensation benefits in Ohio. Temporary Total Disability Usually the first workers’ compensation benefit injured workers come across is temporary total disability. This is basically compensation for being unable to work due … Continued

Workers’ Compensation Myth: “Suing” the Employer

Injured workers sometimes mention they do not want to bring a workers’ compensation claim because they don’t want to sue their employer. While this often is because the worker is concerned about harassment or termination, sometimes the worker likes his/her boss and feels bringing the claim is suing the employer for doing something wrong. The truth is that you are not suing the employer in a workers’ compensation claim. Workers compensation in Ohio is an area of administrative law. This means … Continued

Old Workers’ Compensation Claims May Still Have Value

When you are hurt at work your main focus is on your treatment, and lost wages. But once you’re better and back to work, most people forget about their workers’ compensation claims and think they are closed. This is normally not the case and by thinking the claim is over you are missing out on other benefits. Even when you have returned to work and stopped treating, the claim is still open. Most workers’ compensation claims which occurred after 2006 … Continued