The Danger of Drowsy Driving

A growing topic of study and concern is “drowsy driving”. Studies have shown that getting less than 4 hours of sleep a night causes impairment at about the same level as being legally drunk. While drunk driving has consistently been targeted as a socially unacceptable thing to do, drowsy driving is only just starting to be recognized as just as dangerous. Drowsy driving is a concern or all drivers, but those most at risk are people who drive for a … Continued

Auto Accident Injuries – The “Basics”

Unfortunately car accidents happen. There are a multitude of reasons for these accidents. However, whether it is someone texting, speeding, talking on a cell phone, distracted by passengers, or plain inattention, the result is often the same – damaged vehicles, possible injuries, and lots of emotions. In the heat of the moment it may be hard to think clearly and know what to do. So its important to know what to do before you are in an accident. WHAT TO DO … Continued


Buying a car? Gap coverage and why do you need it. When you buy a new car you are given many options to choose from regarding financing payment cycle, maintenance options, and warranties etc. Most of these options increase the amount you are paying for the car. So without knowing about these options and of the importance, maybe you are likely to just pass and say no. However one option many people do not know about, is Gap coverage.   … Continued