The Ohio BWC Claim Portal – Access to Your Claim

The Ohio BWC has an online portal that allows access to your workers’ compensation claim. I always recommend that my clients get access to their claim. Here’s why and how to get set up. Why Get Access? Accessing your claim online will allow you to see everything that is happening in the claim. You will still get physical correspondence in the mail, but there is still a lot to see that you would not receive in the mail. Viewing the … Continued

New Ohio BWC “What to Expect” Video

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation has rolled out a video detailing what to expect in the first 30 days of your claim. What’s Covered: The BWC’s video explains that the claim must be set up and approved, and that this can take four weeks to accomplish – but that there could be denials and appeals that may extend this timeline. It also explains the basics of the workers’ compensation process in getting your medical bills and lost wages paid. … Continued

Firefighters: Cancer and Workers’ Compensation

Another change to the Ohio workers’ compensation laws is coming on April 6, 2017 – this time in regard to firefighters. Ohio Revised Code section 4123.68(X) becomes effective on April 6, 2017 and it will hopefully make it easier for firefighters who are diagnosed with cancer to prove their workers’ compensation claims. Claim Requirements The statute states that a firefighter who is exposed to certain carcinogens for at least six years is presumed to have suffered a compensable occupational disease. … Continued

Workers’ Compensation Hearings: Part 2 – The Hearing

In this two-part series we discuss the basics of attending a hearing for your workers’ compensation claim. Last time we discussed what to expect with getting to the Industrial Commission and the hearing office. This time we go through what to expect of the hearing itself. Waiting for the Hearing The Industrial Commission conducts several hearings an hour in each hearing room.  Your hearing may start sometime within the hour that it was scheduled.  The hearing officer will call your … Continued

Workers’ Compensation Hearings: Part 1 – Before the Hearing

Previously we addressed your testimony at a worker’s comp hearing. However, it is also good to know what to expect in general when you go to a hearing. In later posts we will provide some specific information tailored for a workers’ comp hearing at the Akron, Cleveland, Youngstown or other Industrial Commission office. In Part 1 of this series we will go through getting to the Industrial Commission and the hearing office itself for the workers’ comp hearing. Getting to … Continued

The Danger of Drowsy Driving

A growing topic of study and concern is “drowsy driving”. Studies have shown that getting less than 4 hours of sleep a night causes impairment at about the same level as being legally drunk. While drunk driving has consistently been targeted as a socially unacceptable thing to do, drowsy driving is only just starting to be recognized as just as dangerous. Drowsy driving is a concern or all drivers, but those most at risk are people who drive for a … Continued

Testifying at Workers’ Compensation Hearings – Part 2: What to Say

In a prior article we discussed who can ask you questions at an Ohio workers’ compensation hearing. However, there is more to a BWC hearing than being asked questions – you also have to know how to answer them properly. The testimony you provide may be a general description of how the injury occurred, or could be in response to more pointed questions asked by an attorney. No matter how you are testifying though, you should follow the following ground … Continued

Car Maintenance: Is Your Car Safe?

People assume that if their car starts, it is in good condition. However, this is not necessarily true – especially in winter. Freezing temperatures wreak havoc on your car and you may not even be aware of many of your car’s issues until it is too late. All drivers should have regular car maintenance checkups performed to guarantee that everything is running properly. Here are the most commonly ignored winter car maintenance tasks to help keep you safe on the … Continued

Testifying at a Hearing…When Less is More – Part 1: Who Can Ask You to Testify

At each and every workers’ compensation hearing that you attend there is the chance that you will have to provide some form of testimony. This testimony could come in the form of describing how your injury occurred or more simply answering questions asked by your employer’s attorney. Whether the hearing is at the Industrial Commission in Akron, Cleveland, Youngstown, or any other Ohio location, the same rules apply. Who Can Ask You to Testify Within a hearing room only three … Continued

Consider Getting Snow Tires

Surprisingly, many drivers decide not to use winter tires. It is costly to purchase a separate set of tires that are only used for part of the year…not to mention the cost involved in having them changed. Then you also have to figure out where to store the tires when not in use. In the Cleveland area though, snow tires can be helpful and worth the added effort and expense. Whether you are in Ashtabula, Lake County, or the eastside … Continued